July 18, 2007

Shine For Others

Want to bring a little bit of Sunshine to someone else's life? Want to get creative while doing so?

As many of you already know, I work for a non-profit in Utah called SPLORE. SPLORE is an organization that I truly adore and I believe in their mission statement of providing life-enhancing experiences to people with disabilities through outdoor recreation.

Every fall, SPLORE holds a benefit auction to raise funds to provide life-changing outdoor recreation experiences to people with disabilities and special needs. At the auction we sell artwork, crafts and other made-from-the-heart goods. One of the activities at the auction is called "Dart for Art" and it's when guests have paid extra for a ticket with a different sporting event listed on the back. The ballroom where we have our auction is lined with beautiful works of art...made by you! Throughout the evening, we will announce what sporting event is supposed to "dart" for their favorite piece of artwork that is on the walls.

Dart for Art is a fun event that raises a lot of funds for SPLORE and our participants. If you'd like to donate some art to the SPLORE Auction, please contact me at: susanjanae8@gmail.com. It's a great way to shine for others and it's also a great tax write-off!