February 27, 2007

Young Wisdom

So, recently at church, all of the young kids were instructed to bring something that they thought was Holy to church. A lot of kids brought a picture of their family, or a cross, etc. but one little girl brought a rock. When asked why the little girl thought the rock was Holy she said she thought the rock was pretty.

"Well, a rose is pretty too, why did you bring a rock instead of a rose?" the little girl was asked.

"Because you have to look for the beauty in this rock. See, it has little crystals in this rock. It reminds me that if we look for the beauty in everything, then the whole world would be filled with treasures."

Wow, what a profound statement from a 5 year-old little girl; she moved a whole church of adults to tears.

February 24, 2007

Welcome Baby Maria!

I am pleased to announce we have a beautiful girl! Maria Clare was born on 2/22/07. She came out quick and healthy at 5lbs. 14oz., 20 inches. Sarah and Maria have been doing great! Sarah performed birth like a pro. Maria has been breastfeeding, pooping, peeing like healthy baby. She has been adapting well to her new home. She's been sleeping a lot but is quick to awaken,squirm, and scream. I think we'll have our hands full. I can't express how precious she is. We hope you can meet her soon. (Sent by John Andres, proud Daddy)

Welcome Baby Orin!

Orin Echo Easley was born on February 7th to proud parents Robbie and Tabitha Easley. Big brother Kelton also welcomed him home... he was very ready for baby Orin to come play with him! He is shown above with his "big" cousin Jameson, who was almost exactly 3 months older than Orin. We hope they will grow up to be great friends. Congratulations and welcome Baby Orin!!!

Welcome Baby Jordyn!

Jordyn Nicole Kraml was born on February 18th to proud parents Nora and Larry Kraml. She is welcomed home by 2 sisters, Lexi and Sky, and 1 brother, Micheal. What a beautiful baby girl! Congratulations... she will be well loved!

It's amazing what a great haircut can do...

Emily Hudspeth has started her 29th year off to a great start... (sorry for the age reference, Em, but I have a feeling this is your year!) Emily's birthday was this past week and during her "Happy Birthday" phone call she shared with me all of the wonderful things that have been going on in her life lately. She went back to college after several years and is making straight A's. She started a new job at a salon/spa/beauty supply store and got a new haircut that looks amazing. After a few weeks of being there, helping the store get organized for opening, she was promoted to shift manager with a $2 an hour raise. Also, she has been exersizing in the past couple months and has lost 15 pounds. I always have treated my birthday as a time of renewal and it seems as if Emily is doing the same thing. There is a light and confidence in her voice that makes me smile and feel so proud of my best friend. I am so glad she shared her good news as it makes me remember that there can always be a renewal, no matter where you are in life. And that sometimes, all it takes is a good haircut to turn your life in a brand new direction.

February 21, 2007

Spring Wonders

I love to see the newborn flowers when I go bike riding in the spring.
I love to see the pretty showers and watch the silver bells ring.
I love to hear the clock ring the hours and hear the birds sing.
I love to watch spring come to life and hear the sounds it makes.

By: Sarah Knapp, age 10

February 19, 2007

Jacob Thomas Nagel

Jacob Thomas Nagel was born February 15th, weighing 8 pounds and was 21 inches long. Proud parents are Jess and Charles Nagel.

Welcome to the world, Jacob!

February 16, 2007


The Sunshine Journal is a grassroots publication focusing on positive values held by conscious individuals. By exploring these ideals, our mission is to inspire others to live out their dreams, celebrate their successes, and join together in a community that invisions a brighter future.

The Sunshine Journal was created in Fall 2001 as a tri-fold mailing. It expanded over the years to a 16-page color booklet focused on themes such as love, beauty, shining your inner light, and simplicity. The mailing list reached close to 100 people, with several creative and monetary contributors.

In the interest of keeping The Sunshine Journal shining in times of the digital age and environmental consciousness, we chose to take the journal online. This way more people can contribute, view, and be a part of the good news without all of the paper waste and costs associated with the tangible mailing.

If you have any positive news, artwork, poetry, inspiring thoughts, or promotions of the good work you do, please contact us to request an addition to this blog. Let's truly create a community of conscious individuals who invision a brighter future.