May 2, 2007


So, some of you that know me know that I work at an amazing organization called SPLORE. SPLORE is a non-profit that provides outdoor recreation to folks with disabilities. The Story below is from a local news station doing a story on us. This is just a tiny example of what we do. We've been around for 30 years this summer and there are several other stories that can be told, but I wanted to show an example to all of you. My job rocks and I'm soooo happy that the news finally put a positive story out to the public instead of all of the negative "stuff" we hear all the time!

The direct link to the story is:

(Watch the video!)


Yellow said...

Where ar you guys? I miss you on a morning.

Susie said...

Hey Yellow!
Don't worry, we're coming back soon! I've just been traveling a lot with work, but I'll have some stuff to post next week.

And if you're wondering, "Santosha" is in Missouri and I'm in Utah.
-Susie :-)