February 16, 2007


The Sunshine Journal is a grassroots publication focusing on positive values held by conscious individuals. By exploring these ideals, our mission is to inspire others to live out their dreams, celebrate their successes, and join together in a community that invisions a brighter future.

The Sunshine Journal was created in Fall 2001 as a tri-fold mailing. It expanded over the years to a 16-page color booklet focused on themes such as love, beauty, shining your inner light, and simplicity. The mailing list reached close to 100 people, with several creative and monetary contributors.

In the interest of keeping The Sunshine Journal shining in times of the digital age and environmental consciousness, we chose to take the journal online. This way more people can contribute, view, and be a part of the good news without all of the paper waste and costs associated with the tangible mailing.

If you have any positive news, artwork, poetry, inspiring thoughts, or promotions of the good work you do, please contact us to request an addition to this blog. Let's truly create a community of conscious individuals who invision a brighter future.



Kelly said...

Yay! I am excited to see that the journal is online now. Now I can share its wonderfulness with my friends without bringing a copy everywhere and/or making Amber mail it to even more people :) I'll be reading! Good luck!

Susie said...

Hey Kelly, we're excited too! I really hope this Journal reaches a lot of folks. Tell your friends that they can subscribe to this Blog with the link at the top of the main page, to get Sunshine Journal updates through email! also, just let Amber or I know if you want to add something. Thanks!

Nic said...

Thanks for including my link on your blog - I will reciprocate. I wish you the best of success with your blog and appreciate your support for my art project.