March 10, 2007

To better health and wealth...

Sara Levinson wants to help heal the world... and she is doing it one sip at a time by promoting Xango and Mangosteen.

What is Mangosteen? It is a fruit from Southeast Asia that has proven to have many healing properties. "It wasn't until 40 years ago when scientists first put Mangosteen Fruit under the microscope that they discovered a brand new group of Phytonutrients we now know as Xanthones. (pronounced zan-thones) Xanthones are 100 times more powerful anti-oxidants than Vitamin A, C & E and have also demonstrated tremendous healing properties in peer-reviewed scientific studies from around the world. Naturally occurring, these supercharged anti-oxidants, are found more abundantly in the rind of the Mangosteen Fruit than any other food source on earth."

What is Xango? Xango is the company that distributes Mangosteen by enlisting people who have had direct benefits from this product to sell it to people they know and get to know by spreading the word.

If you are interested in learning more about Mangosteen or Xango, visit Sara's website at

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